AOCC 2016

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

Information for Presentation

*You are required to prepare your slides and presentation in English.
*The screen is single projection without sound.
*Please come to PC Preview Room 60 minutes prior to your presentation. All speakers are kindly requested to check your PC or upload your data.

If you bring your own PC for presentation (Windows, Macintosh)
*Both Windows and Macintosh are acceptable.
*Please make sure that your PC has D-Sub 15 pin mini terminal for monitor output. (Some compact PC needs another connector. In case of that, please carry your own connector.) 
*Please bring battery adapter to avoid battery off. 
*Because sometimes screen saver or setting of power saving system could be a reason to drain battery, please set your PC appropriately. 
*Please operate your PPT data by yourself at the podium.

If you bring your data by portable media (Windows only)
*Your data must be uploaded beforehand and previewed at PC Preview Room.
Windows: OS=10, PowerPoint ver. 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
*To avoid garbled characters, please use standard font which is originally installed by OS.
*Please put your name on your data file.
*Presentation data should be provided by USB memory stick or CDR (Disk at Once). Backup data by another media should be held by presenter. 
*If your presentation includes movies, please carry your own computer.

※Preview room : Room 104